Mission & Vision

Mission Statement

Hope Station, Inc. is a non- profit organization founded in November 20, 2014. Although our non-profit is relatively new, it is impactful and inspiring. Our mission is to assist single mothers who would normally not qualify for any state assistance due to salary caps but need emergency help with utility, water, mortgage, and car payments. Hope Station, Inc. responds to the call of single mothers who have made positive choices to join the work force and provide visible means of support for their homes. Check cashing stores and pay day loans are short term solutions but can easily become more of a financial turmoil. Hope Station, Inc. allows single mothers financial support needed when unexpected financial obligations arise. Once single mothers have received assistance, we offer budgeting classes, credit counseling, and free financial trackers for our mothers to take better control of their finances while maintaining their dignity. Our mission is filled with compassion, support, and a driven purpose to lend a hand up, not a hand out.

Our Vision

As a temporary crisis agency, we will provide financial relief for the working, middle class, single mother who is ineligible for state assistance. Through this, we aspire to restore hope in the moment of helplessness—allowing them to focus on the blessings of being a mother.